5 Photography Tips to Show off Your Airbnb Accommodation

If we were to say that including quality photos in Airbnb listings is important, we would be falling short. In fact, it is the first thing guests look at before considering booking an Airbnb accommodation and, in most cases, the deciding factor when choosing one.

Typically, listings with good photos tend to receive more views, inquiries, and bookings, so take the time to get the best images possible. Capture guests’ attention, highlight what makes your accommodation unique, and live up to their expectations. Earning the trust of guests is very important.

At Hoster, one of the elements that our service includes is professional photography, but if you prefer to take your own photos, these five basic tips may help you make your advertisement more attractive to guests and thus obtain better results.

Let the light in

A photographer’s best friend is light, as it allows you to achieve natural depth, color, and contrast in a scene. Good lighting is the key to capturing professional-like images.

Take your photographs during the day, turn on all the lights, open the curtains, and let natural light flood the property. Most modern cameras adjust bright spots by darkening the environment, so we recommend that you move the camera as far away from windows as possible.

Take photos from the corners

This technique allows you to show a large space and establish the dimensions of the image. If you take photos from a wall, the space will appear smaller, while from the corners you can offer a real perspective.

Leave everything shiny

Organize your space. If everything is in its place, there will be fewer elements that can distract the viewer and the space will seem more welcoming and spacious.

Imagine that you are an interior decorator: put up some flowers, organize the magazines, and clean the dust. Make sure to leave everything sparkling, but don’t forget that the photo should look as similar as possible to the space that guests will find when they arrive.

Capture unique details

Do you have a patio? Maybe a grill? Or an incredible kitchen? Is there a desk so I can work comfortably? Are the views impressive? Do you have a stove? If the answer to any or all of these answers is “yes,” be sure to show it to guests. Any of these elements will allow you to make a difference with accommodations that do not have them (be they hotels or other accommodations), so don’t forget to include them in the photos.

The small details are also very important. Think about all those things that give life and personality to your space. If you have a guitar signed by Piti Fernandez, a porcelain collection, or a patio with roses, show them in the photos. Don’t be shy, because travelers love interesting places.

Take photos of the outside

What surrounds your accommodation is part of it. Photograph the exterior of your accommodation so that guests can imagine what it will be like to arrive at the space. The best time of day to take photos outside is during the so-called “magic hour”: the sixty minutes after sunrise and before sunset. During this period, the light is more diffused and will allow you to achieve a wider range of colors.

Don’t forget your neighborhood either. For guests, accommodation is important, but so is where they travel. If there is a beach, a renowned restaurant, or a place from which to enjoy an incredible landscape near your space, don’t forget to photograph them.

A gift tip

In general, the more photos you include, the better (although it shouldn’t be too many more than 35) – guests like to see the property from multiple perspectives. This way, they can get an idea of ​​what they are going to find before making a decision and they will spend more time looking at your ad. Try to avoid repetitive photos: the important thing is that you capture the essence of your space and that you focus on different angles and details. Only in this way will you get your guests to imagine themselves in your accommodation.

At Hoster, we provide professional property management services for rentals on Airbnb. One of the elements that characterizes our service is the photographs we take of the properties in order to enhance all the charms and attractions that each place has.

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