Airbnb Management 5 Professional tips For Optimizing Your Airbnb

An obvious Airbnb tip: offer an impeccable ad

The first contact between travelers and your accommodation will be the ad you offer on Airbnb. Therefore, the photos must be careful to show the full potential of the places. We will therefore take care to tidy the place well, why not add flowers and take your photos on a sunny day so that the light enters as much as possible.

Writing the ad is also an important element for good management of your Airbnb. The latter must be attractive, but also realistic to avoid disappointment. Describe the places in detail, but also the environment in which your accommodation is located, and why not the tourist places close to your Airbnb?

Simplify Airbnb key management

Handing over the keys is often a complex moment in managing an Airbnb. Indeed, if you decide to rent your accommodation when you go on vacation, there is little chance that you will be available to come and give the keys to the tenant. If you cannot manage the keys to your Airbnb, here are our tips:

1) Call a loved one

A friend, your concierge, or your cleaning lady can take your place when handing over the keys

2) Use a code key box

You can hang it near your front door (note that your accommodation must therefore be accessible by digital code and not by badge or key). This allows travelers to be independent

3) Use a connected lock

It can be unlocked using a phone as offered by Somfy: very practical because it can be managed remotely.

4) Use KeyCafé secure code lockers

If there is one near you, you can leave your keys there safely

Handing over keys is essential for good Airbnb management: in the event of a difficult key handing over, it is very likely to receive a negative Airbnb review from guests.

Translate your Airbnb management expertise using guest reviews and SuperHost status

Another Airbnb tip is to show off your Airbnb management expertise. For this, you have 2 weapons at your disposal: comments from your Airbnb guests and SuperHost status. Your Airbnb ad is a showcase, which reflects (or not!) your Airbnb management skills. To obtain SuperHost status and good Airbnb reviews, here are our tips:

1) Be responsive to messages from your travelers

Satisfying Airbnb guests starts with communicating with them: be responsive to the messages they send you and don’t miss a problem they face during your rental.

2) Take care of the cleanliness of the premises

Good Airbnb management means above all providing a clean and healthy place for travelers who are going to stay with you: make sure that a complete cleaning with a change of sheets is done before and after each guest’s visit. In general, travelers also expect to have clean bath linens available, although this is not obligatory.

3) Reply to all comments, both negative and positive

One of our Airbnb tips is to respond to all your comments: negative comments to be able to explain to those who view your ad what happened and what you did to resolve the problems to reassure them, and positive comments to thank your traveler.

4) Think about the little extras that make you happy

Make a difference by offering a true Airbnb experience and making your guests’ stay memorable. Our little tips:

  • set up a welcome guide to welcome and indicate the best addresses in your neighborhood
  • provide welcome products (bottles of shampoo and shower gel, small chocolates, etc.)
  • offer access to Netflix (a big plus!)

5) Accumulate positive comments and become SuperHost

By increasing the number of reservations and positive comments on your listing, you may be able to obtain the Holy Grail of Airbnb rentals and proof of good Airbnb management: SuperHost status! Thanks to our tips, make your travelers’ experience even more enjoyable because they will then know how to let people know about it. Once your guests have left, they will have all the cards in hand to improve your reputation on the site, which will prove your expertise in Airbnb management to travelers looking for accommodation

Master the management of your Airbnb by publishing your ad on several platforms

Maximize the visibility of your ad! Not everyone has the reflex to go to Airbnb yet, which is why it is possible to share your ad on several short-term rental platforms using, for example, Smoobu. This tool will allow you to share your Airbnb ad on other platforms such as Booking, Expedia, Agoda, and many others, while synchronizing your calendar to avoid duplicate reservations.

For perfect Airbnb management, call on a professional concierge

If it seems difficult to you to take care of all these missions in the management of your Airbnb, and even more so if you are alone, it is entirely possible to call on a professional Airbnb concierge service like HostnFly.

We take care of 100% management of your Airbnb

To relieve you of any logistical tasks related to the rental of your property:

  • Creation and optimization of your ad with professional photo-taking
  • Multicast your ad on several rental platforms
  • Selection of travelers and passenger assistance 7 days a week
  • Management of arrivals and departures with key handover management
  • Complete and professional cleaning with linens and welcome products provided
  • Maintenance service available 7 days a week
  • Management of traveler deposits and insurance

In short, you don’t take care of anything!

The advantages of the Airbnb HostnFly concierge service:

  • Real income: you earn up to 80% of the income generated by your house or apartment. We take a commission of 20%. The more the accommodation is rented, the more you earn. On the other hand, if it is not rented (which remains quite rare) you receive nothing.
  • Flexibility: service available from 5 nights in Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Lille, and Bordeaux and 4 weeks in 28 ski and seaside resorts
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