Benefits of Having an Airbnb co-Host

If you’re having trouble managing your short-term rental on your own, Airbnb lets you add a co-host to your listing to help manage it. If you have a friend, neighbor, family member, or other acquaintance you trust, you can offer them a percentage of the revenue from each successful booking in exchange for their help as a co-host. You can also hire a professional Airbnb co-host to help you, as we offer. While this feature may not be for everyone, you may want to consider it to make your job as a vacation rental host easier. Here are some benefits a co-host can add to your Airbnb business.

1. An Airbnb co-host takes the pressure off you

Owning a vacation rental property is a lot of work.

Between physical tasks – like making sure the property is well-maintained and inspecting it between showings – and digital tasks – like updating and maintaining your rental listing – it can become unmanageable for one person.

Using a co-host allows you to spread out the responsibilities of updating your listings, which alleviates stress and allows you to reclaim a significant portion of your time. This can be especially helpful if you have multiple rental properties to deal with, as you will have more resources to devote to your business as a whole.

2. An Airbnb co-host may have the skills you lack

Many vacation rental hosts struggle with certain tasks, such as communicating with guests. If you don’t have a lot of customer service experience, this aspect of vacation rentals can feel like a chore.

When done poorly, poor customer communication can lead to a bad experience, a negative review, or a lost sale.

If you know there’s a skill set that you just don’t have, it’s a good idea to find a co-host who has talent in that area.

3. An Airbnb co-host can be a local point of contact

If you live far from your rental property, adding a local co-host can help you check out the house and answer renters’ questions about the city. You no longer need to clear your schedule during reservations in case you need to travel to your rental property; even if you live in the same city, your co-host can help you out if needed.

An extra pair of eyes, ears, and hands in the area can give you peace of mind and provide an extra level of comfort for your guests who can feel free to contact your co-host in the event of an emergency.

4. An Airbnb co-host can help with management

Having a co-host can help manage reservations, guest communications, and space maintenance tasks.

This means you won’t have to worry about responding to guest messages, checking availability, or cleaning the space after they leave.

Your co-host can take over these tasks, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your life.

5. An Airbnb co-host can provide security

Additionally, having a co-host can help keep the space safe by having a constant presence.

Your co-host can be there to welcome guests, show them around, explain how the various devices work, give them advice on activities to do in the area, check that they respect the rules of the space, and ensure that there is no damage caused.

6. An Airbnb co-host can become a long-term professional relationship

Finally, having a co-host can also establish a long-term friendship or professional relationship.

You might find someone with whom you have common interests and with whom you could build trust.

It can also help you develop property rental management skills.

Conclusion: What are the benefits of having an Airbnb co-host

In short, having a co-host can be beneficial for managing an Airbnb rental space.

It can help increase revenue, handle management-related tasks, ensure space security, and build long-term relationships.

If you’re considering becoming an Airbnb host, consider having a co-host to help you manage your space.

Le Concierge des Hôtes, your Airbnb concierge service in Valais

Le Concierge des Hôtes is a professional property management solution in Valais for Airbnb hosts.

We look after your guests, take care of check-in, and make sure your property is spotless for your next guest.

Following growing demand, we offer professional co-hosting services, aimed at hosts who are already on Airbnb but wish to improve their performance or outsource certain tasks.

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