Decryption of Airbnb’s Marketing Strategy Since Its Creation

The simplest ideas have always been the best. This rule also fully applies to strategies and Airbnb has understood this since its creation. The leader in private home rental was founded by three friends who decided to transform their living room into a guest room due to the difficulty of booking. Like any business in its infancy, Airbnb had to define several marketing strategies to face the competition and remain the best in its field.

Airbnb, the leader in online accommodation reservations

Airbnb is a community platform that was launched in 2023 by Americans Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia, and Nathan Blecharczyk. Indeed, the three friends had the idea of ​​allowing travelers to book accommodation throughout the world. The platform began by connecting travelers with rental residences by providing them with accommodation according to their choice.

Airbnb has evolved gradually, expanding its services over the years. The platform started with simple apartments and today, Airbnb offers luxurious accommodations on its platform. Through its various experiences, Airbnb currently covers more than 191 countries and 100,000 cities where it provides access to rentals.

The 9 aspects of Airbnb’s marketing strategy

The impressive results behind Airbnb’s marketing strategies are not the work of a colossal investment but of in-depth market analysis. Let’s discover the secrets behind Airbnb’s successful marketing strategy

1. Brand identity

Brand identity is very important for a company, especially one that wants to stand out from the competition. If Gucci and Chanel have their legendary logo, Airbnb returned to the reinvention of its visual identity in 2023 with its famous logo called “bélo”. Simple, but meaningful, the Airbnb logo aims to make an impression on consumers.

What does “ le bélo ” actually mean? Indeed, the name of Airbnb’s new identity was taken from the contraction of the English verb “To belong” which means to belong or to be in one’s place. For Airbnb, it’s a way to be the universal symbol of belonging to a community.

The new Airbnb logo is composed of:

  • A head to represent people
  • An icon for a location
  • A heart for love
  • An A for Airbnb

This inverted heart that serves as Airbnb’s logo evokes both emotion and belonging to the community on the part of the company’s customers.

Airbnb’s “Le Belo” comes with the slogan “Welcome home”. At first, Airbnb was called “ Air Bed And Breakfast ”. Subsequently, the founders decided to shorten this name by making it simple: Airbnb.

2. Remarkable service

One of Airbnb’s difficult tasks in its early days is to differentiate itself from its competitors in the services offered. Airbnb’s difficult task was to make the guest’s stay in a stranger’s home comfortable or allow a stranger to stay in your home safely.

Hosts and even travelers were skeptical of this form of hospitality from Airbnb. However, like any beginning, it took years for the company to convince customers.

The solution was to arrange everything so that the client’s stay was peaceful. According to Airbnb, making the traveler’s daily life easier will change their habits.

3. A well-referenced website

For the design of their marketplace site, Airbnb took care to improve the user experience, ergonomics, and natural referencing of their site in search engines. The company has placed the marketing technique of A/B testing at the heart of its strategy.

The founders of Airbnb are constantly working to improve the interface of their platform to provide the best experience to its users.

4. Content marketing

Over the years, Airbnb has learned to captivate its audience with varied editorial content. Behind this storytelling, the company takes Internet users on a journey through the writings.

Its quality content gives it a top choice in the hearts of travelers.

5. Professional photos

The eyes take part in the decisions we make. The founders of Airbnb became aware of the poor quality of the photos they posted on their website.

Their first decision in this context was to rent a professional camera in order to take impressive photos. Professional photos taken have increased online bookings. Since then, Airbnb has offered all its hosts the use of photographers to take photos of the accommodations.

6. The recommendation

The recommendation is one of the oldest marketing techniques. Nowadays, even on websites, there is a testimonials section that relates the assessments of different satisfied customers.

Airbnb played on the trust it built between its customers and the platform. The latter, happy with their stay, are able to easily convince other potential customers. To do this, Airbnb has established a sponsorship system.

As soon as a member of the brand sponsors a loved one, they earn promotional coupons that can be used to reserve accommodation. This technique, older than the world, allows Airbnb to expand its customer base.

7. Partnerships

Once again, Airbnb is clear proof that partnerships can be a source of success for your project. The community housing rental platform has signed successful partners, notably with the KLM company, the British bookstore chain Waterstones, and the French government.

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