Home Insurance With Airbnb

It should be noted that in the Airbnb app, you are not only offered the best accommodation options when traveling, as this will be a platform that will also provide you with security and support against any circumstance, specifically speaking on the subject of guests and hosts. , since you are provided with primary insurance that gives you civil liability coverage, but this is subject to certain conditions, limitations, and exclusions.

According to the insurance provided to you through Airbnb as a guest, this is done in conjunction with the hosts, with first aid equipment, among many other tools, including, in many cases, insurance numbers in case of any type of inconvenience.

Airbnb Host Protection Insurance

Protection insurance for Airbnb hosts is a protection service for the home and guests of the owner of a property registered on the platform, with which you can count on civil liability support of up to 1 million dollars.

The benefits of this protection insurance for Airbnb hosts are:

  • Available to all Airbnb hosts worldwide.
  • Covers hosts from arrival to departure.
  • Insurance is unique in the world of its kind.

Airbnb Host Protection Insurance Coverage

  • Legal civil liability for physical damage caused to guests or third parties.
  • Civil liability for damage to the property of guests or third parties.
  • Civil liability for damage to common areas caused by the guest or third parties.

Exceptions not covered by Airbnb Host Protection Insurance are:

  • Intentionally generated damage or injuries.
  • Loss of income.
  • Damage to your accommodation or belongings.

How to make an Airbnb Insurance claim?

The claim process to obtain assistance from the insurer in the event of an accident or problem is:

  • Complete the admission form.
  • Appointment of an expert to examine the claim and declare whether it is appropriate.
  • Investigation of the claim.

How to register on Airbnb?

Once you have entered the Airbnb platform, all that remains is for you to comply with all the requirements that are directly related to your subscription to the app, which involves being able to automatically register with all your data, as well as indicate your email, or simply by automatically syncing with your Facebook profile.

If you wish to register without synchronization, you will have to continue with the aforementioned process, in which you are asked for your basic information, which corresponds to once you have registered, you will subsequently be sent a confirmation email to the moment of clicking, this will be a finished process.

And finally, once you are properly registered, all that remains is for you to begin your processes in searching for accommodation. The truth is that at Saving Insurance we recommend that you complete your profile 100% since this is synonymous with a guarantee for the hosts. , because you are becoming a reliable guest.

How does this platform work?

Host: In the Airbnb app you will often come across the term host, and this is exactly what you are probably thinking of, that is, the owner of the property where you will go, where he will offer his home on the platform in order to This is a reasonable option for anyone interested in staying in the area you want to go to. Likewise, Airbnb is responsible for telling you in detail about the host, including who they are, a photograph, a short biography and what languages ​​they speak; All this is something of great help to give you ideal security about the place you will go to, in addition to being at your disposal to answer any questions. It should be noted that if you are a person who has a house, room, room, etc., whenever you decide you can become a host.

Guests: These are specifically travelers, people who are looking for a place where they can rest after their moments of adventure, because no matter where in the world you are, by correctly registering on Airbnb you will be immediately available to find the ideal place where you can stay.

Platform: Speaking about the system that is implemented for the operation of Airbnb, it is worth mentioning that this will be in accordance with putting hosts in contact with their potential guests, as well as showing guests about all the options available when wanting to rent in a place, also being the tool that will exercise and filter the results depending on certain factors such as rooms, services and dates. Finally, it only remains to mention that Airbnb on its platform has systems designed to make payments in the case of rental services, solving any type of problems that are serious, in which case neither the hosts, much less the guests can solve, thus being the intermediary who will solve these situations.

Community: And finally we find one of the most important terms referring specifically to the Airbnb platform, since this is known as the last piece of the mechanism that will be part of being the way in which users will be informed about accommodations, benefits, But they are even allowed to give their opinion, leave comments, advice to other travelers, complaints and many other public or private recommendations to each host.

How to find a good place to stay?

Start by going to the area where the search tool appears, at the top, after placing all the data that has to do directly with the destination you plan to go to.

Followed by this, filter what type of accommodation you are looking for, all of this according to what is indicated after several specific factors that you can point out; such as the type of room, whether it is a full house, private room, shared room, etc.

You will have to indicate the price range that you are willing to pay per night, in addition, your results will also show you a small result about the type of reservation you are making, specifically if we mean that this will help you know what dates You will visit that place.

Now that you have found the ideal place, all that remains is for you to make your reservation. This is very easy since you only have to click on the accommodation that has caught your attention, carefully observe each of the characteristics of the accommodation, in addition to observing the cancellation policies, and also carefully review the comments of the place.

Then all that remains is to observe and review the issue of the total rate, to later approve the charge that will be made to you.

In case the terms are not met before your accommodation, you can go to PROFECO and file your complaint.

Benefits of using Airbnb.

Without a doubt, this is an even more economical way to travel since it turns out to be cheaper than a hotel, also offering freedom of choice.

The reservation process is extremely reliable, which guarantees that the process is useful enough for you.

The accommodation you decide to book will be according to what you are looking for, adapting to your tastes because Airbnb knows that you are looking for a different experience on your trips.

Is Airbnb a good accommodation option?

Founded in 2008 in San Francisco, United States, Airbnb is one of the most important applications that have been developed in recent years, after the company was inspired to be able to accommodate its millions of users who use it all the time, but Specifically, we refer to Airbnb as one of the platforms that are designed to be able to adapt to the needs of users, talking about the issues of comfort, as well as accommodation for each client, since we well know that in In this sense, the expectations of each of them change according to what one of them is looking for, which is why its presence is expanding to more and more countries.

Once the project landed, Airbnb was financed by the business incubator and combinator, and later Greylock Partners, Sequoia Capital, and Ashton Kutcher, years later, were in charge of investing in the company so that it could remain in the expected growth, therefore Airbnb took on the task of being a community market that will serve to publish through it, as well as advertise so that the homes or destinations included can be reserved to provide accommodation economically. in more than 190 countries through the internet or from the comfort of your mobile device, which complements it as one of the most important brands in the world.

This is how we can refer to Airbnb as one of the companies that offer themselves through being a software platform that is fully dedicated to offering accommodation to individuals, contemplating the tourist aspects through those that serve as hosts that can be advertised, much less that all of these are hired to rent their properties, thus contemplating that guests receive quality service is what is being planned, in addition to all the references that will go to a file for the next users who are about to rent the accommodation place.

All this encompasses Airbnb being an application that works as a platform within which it becomes a place where you will find up to 2 million properties in more than 192 countries, in addition to more than 33 thousand cities, These are the factors that are fully involved in what Airbnb represents, a site in which it is estimated that an estimated 10 million reservations are made in at least 2 years.

To complement all this information, it should be noted that on Airbnb you only need to register with all your personal information, as well as subsequently indicate the type of room, price range, services, and types of accommodation, followed by choosing between the options that They are shown to you according to all the filters that you have indicated, although yes, you must know that to complement any process, it is important that you include all your information about your payment method, which can be done with a credit card. credit or due.

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