Hotel Airbnb Youth Hostel What to Choose For a Stay in Paris

Do you want to stay in Paris? What accommodation should you choose for a weekend or a longer stay? Should you book a hotel in the center of Paris, rent an apartment via Airbnb, sleep with locals, or opt for another solution? It all depends on the length of your stay, the number of travelers, and in particular whether or not there are children. The type of accommodation must also be chosen depending on the stay you want. Do you prefer to be completely independent and able to cook? On the contrary, do you want to not have to manage anything and be able to count on your hotel to help you? Would you rather like to meet people and make your stay a convivial one? Everything is possible!

I will help you find the type of accommodation that will suit you best for your stay in Paris. A good place to stay is important because it allows you to rest, sleep, and sometimes even eat there. It is therefore preferable to opt for a solution that can completely satisfy you.

The advantages and disadvantages of a hotel in Paris

I must admit that I often recommend taking a hotel for a first stay in Paris. There is no need to make an appointment at a specific time to have the keys when you arrive, hotel receptions are almost all open 24 hours a day. So no stress in the event of a plane, train, or bus delay or if a road trip takes longer than expected. For me, a stay should not be a source of stress. With the hotel, you are guaranteed to be able to obtain the keys to your room as soon as you arrive (often from 2 p.m. or 3 p.m.).

At your hotel, the reception staff will be able to answer all your questions and help you organize your stay if necessary. The advantage is that cleaning will be done daily and you will have clean towels regularly.

Booking a hotel in the center of Paris allows you to be sure of what you will find there. Whether you choose a basic hotel, a chain hotel (Ibis, Campanile, Kyriad, etc.), or a luxury hotel, you know where you are going! By being able to check reviews on the internet, you will avoid unpleasant surprises and know, in advance, what to expect. It is important to arrive calm and to be able to rest in a place that suits you. Even though, in the end, you will spend a lot more time visiting the city, it is imperative to be well in the evening to sleep. This allows you to enjoy a good night’s sleep before starting a new day visiting Paris.

My advice for booking a hotel in Paris

Opting to book a hotel room in Paris for a stay in the capital is a great classic. The hotel capacity of Paris is significant and it is almost always possible to find good deals. You still need to do it as soon as possible! The more you anticipate your reservation, the more you will be able to pay the cheapest price or opt for a more luxurious room at the price of a normal room. Anticipation always allows you to get good deals but also to have choices. Always check whether breakfast is included and if not, how much it costs.

Rent an apartment in Paris: Airbnb, Abritel, Housetrip, Wimdu…

The option of renting an apartment in Paris is increasingly popular. The Airbnb platform is the best known even if other websites also allow this type of short-term rental: Abritel, Wimdu, HouseTrip… With all of these platforms, you potentially have access to apartments located almost everywhere in the capital, of all types and sizes. Sometimes original apartments are also offered which can spice up your stay.

The big advantage is the price! For a large family or several friends, renting will be much cheaper than a hotel and everyone will be able to have their room. It is also a way to be more independent during your stay in Paris without having to eat in a restaurant. Hotel breakfasts are sometimes prohibitively expensive. With this type of rental, you will have your kitchen. You still have to want to cook during your stay!

The downside may be the time spent communicating with your host in advance to arrange key collection. If certain solutions now make it possible to do without an appointment with your host (in particular with code locks or keys to be removed from a padlock for which you will have the code), in Paris, you will certainly have to make an appointment with the owner to have the keys. This can result in wasted time. Everyone has to know what they prefer!

Always use recognized platforms for your reservation to avoid any scams! Find all the links at the bottom of this page!

Book an Aparthotel in Paris

Are you hesitating between a hotel or renting an apartment? Opt for an Aparthotel! This is a good compromise between a classic hotel and an Airbnb. You will have the comfort and services of a hotel while being in an apartment with a kitchen. The Booking site also offers this type of accommodation.

Some well-known Appart Hôtel chains such as Citadines,  Adaggio, and ResidHotel are present in Paris. They are generally very well located. For example, this is particularly the case of the Residhotel Impérial Rennequin residence located less than 15 minutes on foot from the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Elysées. A good plan!

Rent a room with a local in Paris

Airbnb offers 100% private but also shared accommodation. It is certainly the cheapest option on the platform. You are renting a guest room within an inhabited apartment. It’s a user-friendly solution if you want to pay the cheapest price and be able to share and exchange with people on-site. However, this can also be less comfortable. Promiscuity and lack of privacy could hold you back. This is particularly my case!

Guest rooms are also at your disposal in Paris. You rent a room and, depending on the offers, the bathrooms and the dining room are collective or private. Find out carefully before making your reservation so as not to have any unpleasant surprises. Renting a room from a local in Paris is a friendly solution. For those who like to chat on-site!

Youth hostel for a stay in Paris

Sleeping in a youth hostel during your stay in Paris is economical! A low price that allows you to meet other travelers. However, in terms of comfort, you must agree to sleep in dormitories or shared rooms and that the bathrooms are shared. A solution that can prove to be a good plan for a solo traveler. There are many youth hostels and comfort can vary widely from one to another. Check the reviews carefully, especially on Booking which offers this type of accommodation. With the reviews being verified, it is ideal to know in advance where you will set foot.

Couchsurfing for a stay in Paris

This is the new type of fashionable accommodation that appeals to travelers who prioritize relationships with locals rather than comfort! In fact, with couchsurfing, you sleep on your host’s sofa, for free! It is a real community, that continues to grow and allows many travelers to discover Paris for free with the assurance of being in contact with Parisians. Be careful, however, to go through recognized sites and check reviews about your host beforehand to avoid any problems.

What to choose depending on your situation?

Below, I offer my recommendations to help you make your choice according to your situation. However, your choice will also depend on the comfort you want, the services… and the offers you can find.

  • Solo: a youth hostel or renting a room with a local (or private studio) is preferred in terms of price. If you like adventure, why not find out about Couchsurfing in Paris? If you want comfort and simplicity, opt for a hotel!
  • For a couple: a hotel or apartment rental seems to be preferred
  • With family: hotel or apartment rental
  • Stay with friends: if there is a group of you, it may be possible to book a full dormitory room in a youth hostel. A solution that can be economical! Otherwise, renting an apartment with several bedrooms or booking in a hotel seems to be the most suitable solution.

When to book your accommodation for a stay in Paris?

As soon as possible! However, book your accommodation for your stay in Paris only when you have booked your flight, your train or bus tickets, or your car rental. It will always be easier to find accommodation in Paris than a means of transport to get there. Once the exact dates are set and your transport booked, you can then set off in search of your ideal accommodation. The more in advance you do it, the more choice and opportunity you will have to get offers. Even if last-minute deals are always possible, you will have much less choice. It will be far from easy to find accommodation during the period of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris or the 2023 Rugby World Cup in France.

Sites to book your accommodation for a stay in Paris

I share with you a list of websites that will allow you to book your accommodation for a stay in Paris in complete safety. Don’t forget to compare sites carefully to get the best deal. Regarding reviews, I trust the reviews on the Booking website because they are only verified reviews posted online by travelers who have stayed in the establishment.

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