Spring is here and it is time for springtime cleaning. Every beach house certainly needs a cleaning inside and out in order to be ready for the summer influx of guests. One task that should be considered at least every two years, is a thorough power washing of the exterior.

Dirt, salt, mold, and moss can all build up on a home’s exterior, particularly in the harsh environment of the coast. If left to accumulate, these stains will corrode outside finishings and your siding. Not to mention there is the unsightly appearance these leave on your precious investment! You don’t want that.

If your house has been vacant during the winter, the first step will be to turn the water BACK ON to the outside spigots. Go ahead and test all inside and outside showers at this time. It is better to determine if freezing cold weather damaged any plumbing now and have ample time to schedule repairs before rental season begins.

After that, you can go in one of two ways with this springtime task. You can do the power washing yourself or you can hire someone else. I have done both. I opt for the later now. If you do it yourself, you will need to invest in a costly machine, maintain it each year and still risk equipment failure. I had a heavy duty power washer for a few years and despite my maintenance efforts it broke down in a couple years. I think water and motor equipment just generally do not work well together. A mid-range machine costs a few hundred dollars and I have been able to get power washers to clean my homes exteriors for ~$500. When I consider the amount of effort it was for me, the difference in quality of the overall work, and storage/cost of the equipment it is just a no-brainer for me to hire this task out. Your mileage may vary.
I contacted an outfit near me in Ocean City, NJ called JC Painting and Power Washing. They offered a soft washing which manages to achieve the benefits of power washing without the high pressure of typical power washing methods that can so often damage vinyl, stucco, wood and chip paint. Soft washing is achieved by combining soap with hot water and only a moderate amount of water pressure. While not a miracle worker by any means, the results are still impressive.

So when you consider the value it brings to your property’s curb appeal and the prevention of long-term damage to your exterior, power washing is a simple, cost-effective way to maintain your property’s exterior. If it has not been done recently, make sure you complete this task this spring!