The Most Beautiful Homes on Airbnb According o The Best Designers

With the summer now upon us, the need to quickly book holiday accommodation also arrives promptly. And since many of our choices are based on word of mouth, why not listen to the designers’ suggestions this time? After all, when it comes to a new title there is the trusted bookseller. When it comes to an Airbnb address, however, there is the experience of the designers, a group of people who, since they create the furniture, are perhaps even more authoritative for temporary housing advice than a comment left on the platform by previous renters: which in most cases they are still part of. And not only. The names to which Airbnb asked for the designer’s street and house numbers are 9, including institutional and emerging ones. While the destinations revealed by them are places where they have recently stayed for rest or work. Or, they represent the next destination where they will take refuge, away from work, the crowd, and performance anxiety. On a journey that goes from Italy to Japan.

Giacomo Moor: Pescaia Resort (Sticciano Scalo)

The wood designer suggests an estate nestled in 150 hectares of land in the Tuscan Maremma. Among Etruscan tombs, centuries-old olive groves and oak forests rich in game. The perfect site for a family holiday away from the post-Salone fatigue, in which he was one of the protagonists together with Umberto Riva at the Fonderia Artistica Battaglia. “I will definitely travel by car”, explains Moor, “I love traveling on wheels: many of the things that remain inside me I have only seen from the windows of moving cars”.

Marc Sadler: Noto

French, born in Austria, lives in Italy, and works with the most important international design companies (and beyond). Among the projects recently presented, which caused a lot of hype, is a mini kitchen enclosed in a suitcase designed for FPM: Cookstation. As a refuge, Marc has usually escaped for years with his wife to Sicily, to a small house by the sea, a place of his heart for countless years even if he has a passion for discovering new places. As a suggestion for a holiday, he suggests a traditional island house a stone’s throw from the center of Noto, where you can enjoy the summer among lemon and medlar plants, and the sea in the background.

Chiara Andreatti: Takayama, Japan

Young and tireless, Chiara alternates art direction and design for highly successful companies. But once she decides it’s time to break away, she runs away into the mountains. The ideal home? “One that is able to integrate perfectly with the place in which it is located, harmonious, in which you can breathe the tradition, the uses and customs of the place. The defense of the genius loci is a very important thing for me”. And where do you find a place like this? “An hour’s drive from Takayama, Japan.” The house proposed by Chiara is a traditional construction, in folk style, also including a spa space (onsen). A perfect representation of her way of traveling: essential and spartan, in constant relationship with the territory.

For the entire duration of last Design Week, the artist and designer Elena Salmistraro was “happy and agitated at the same time”, due to the numerous and important works she presented simultaneously. So what is the most suitable good retreat where you can recover energy and creativity? “I haven’t identified the destination yet, but it will certainly be an isolated and relaxing place at the same time: I need to recharge my batteries and unplug for a while.” What is never missing in your suitcase? “A book, some colors, and a notebook for drawings (professional deformation)”. And among the addresses on Airbnb, he suggests a traditional riad in the Medina of Marrakech.

Sabine Marcelis: Lanzarote

As advice, the young Dutch designer known above all for lamps with a marble base and neon circle, provides the destination which during a last-minute escape to Lanzarote turned out to be a pleasant surprise: an eco-sustainable house located near the volcano of the island, immersed in the magical colors of this land. Equipped with a very small swimming pool and covered terrace. Furthermore, an essential condition for Sabine is that a holiday home must have enough space for friends and beds that are more than comfortable, very comfortable. “I love driving. Alone. It’s one of the few moments when I’m not distracted by anything. I drive, I sing and that’s it.”

Studio Glithero: Tuscany

An ancient Italian village, in the shade of a pergola, facing an amazing view of the mountains. These are the elements that characterize the house chosen by Sarah and Tim, members and founders of Studio Glithero, for a break in the Italian countryside. And to the question: “What are you looking for in a trip?”, they answer: “We travel to keep body and mind in motion. To discover, to be in the present, even and above all if you have not planned all the situations, and find yourself immersed in circumstances new, which are not 100 percent the result of your choices”.

Andrea Rosso: Mexico City

When Andrea Rosso, Licenses Creative Director for Diesel, has to make short trips “perhaps to the city, Airbnb homes have always been my homes – not ideal homes”. Like the one rented in Milan during Design Week. But when it comes to a longer trip, he recommends a destination abroad, such as this typically local construction in Mexico City, where last year he stayed while studying the new collection, being inspired by the colors and scents of this land.

Luca Nichetto: Milan

Since his studio is partly in Venice and partly in Stockholm, designer Luca Nichetto chooses an apartment in the heart of Milan, an increasingly touristy city, as his ideal destination. For shopping, obviously, but above all culture. With bookings that follow one another throughout the year due to a rich calendar of events and weeks dedicated to every possible topic, from design to food to yoga. The house, a good compromise between holiday and work, is part of the Airbnb Plus category, which includes only houses verified for comfort and quality. The best solution for those who, like Luca, did not have the possibility of relaxing trips even after the design week, but only further design definition appointments in the design capital.

Michael Bargo: Haddam, Connecticut

Surrounded by mountains, waterfalls and rivers, the 1720s Connecticut home is where designer Michael Bargo escapes whenever he can. For quick weekends and much longer stays. But always in the name of calm, serenity, and relaxation. “How do you enjoy the trip?”. “I’m a creature of habit, I like familiar places: same restaurant, same shop, same house, I like to always know what to expect.”

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