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What is the Life Expectancy of that Appliance?

Did you know that every appliance in your home has a lifespan?  Normal wear and tear will eventually lead to breakdowns.  

We recently noticed our dishwasher was beginning to leak and it began to sound terrible.  Then the control panel on our microwave came loose.  Both still functioned, but not well.  Should I call an appliance repairman or replace these?

Leaking Dishwasher
Leaking Dishwasher
Kitchen with original appliances

To most effectively manage your budget, you should consider the typical appliance lifespan when considering this decision.  A good rule of thumb is that if an appliance is more than halfway through its lifespan and repairing it will be more than half of the cost of a new appliance, it makes more financial sense to replace it.  Obviously, if the appliance is past its typical life expectancy you should forego any attempts at repair and just replace it.

Average Life Expectancy of Common Appliances
source: Dana Chase Publications

In our case, both were original to the house and now 12 years old.  We opted for reasonably priced replacements purchased at our local appliance store-Johnson’s Appliances.  (Incidentally, less expensive than Lowe’s after factoring in the cost of install/delivery/haul away, etc!) Here is to hoping we get the full life expectancy!

New Microwave and Dishwasher
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  1. Frank D’Elia

    The Central AC life span listed must be for non-Shore locations. We’re on our second outside unit in the 15 years we’ve owned the house…figure more like 10 years. The salt air really does a number on them.

    • efdawson

      Good note Frank. Very true, the numbers are an average for appliances in general. An AC, in particular, which is outside and exposed to the salt air is going to likely be below the US average number.

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