What Sea View Real Estate Purchase Project

Before rushing to buy a sea-view house or a sea-view apartment, the first thing to do is to think about the nature of your project. Purchasing a primary residence does not involve the same constraints as purchasing a secondary residence. The best way to fail is to blindly search for a house for sale by the sea. Our tip: take the time to think ahead of your sea view purchase to avoid a property purchase close to the coast that does not meet your expectations. Here are some avenues you can explore.

Buying a primary residence

If you buy a sea-view house for sale or a sea-view apartment to make it your main residence, this is an important decision that will impact your daily life. As a result, you will be more demanding on certain parameters such as the type of property, the surface area, the services offered, etc. In addition, your choice will be based more on emotional criteria such as the level of sunshine or proximity to the beach. But don’t forget that you must also feel good all year round in this accommodation. Check the insulation, the quality of the building, the maintenance to be carried out, etc. These are key points for your sea view property purchase as a primary residence!

Acquisition of a second home

On the other hand, if you plan to buy a house with a sea view or to buy an apartment with a sea view as a second home, you must pay particular attention to two points. The first is the budget, while the second concerns the ancillary costs. Indeed, it is fantastic to own a vacation home by the Atlantic Ocean to share with your family and close friends. However, this represents a cost that should not be overlooked, whether for the purchase of your property or its maintenance and management. However, a second home is not only reserved for large budgets. Today it is entirely possible and reasonable to treat yourself to an apartment with a sea view without necessarily breaking the bank! Check out our offers for apartments with sea views throughout France here, for less than €200,000.

Rental investment

Nothing prevents you from buying a seaside house for sale or a sea-view apartment to invest in rental property. Indeed, vacation rental is an effective way to amortize and make profitable the total cost of a second home. Regarding the rental investment itself, the criteria to be prioritized are not your preferences and your desires. You must prioritize proximity to the sea and the beach, as well as the surrounding shops. Next, think about what your tenants are looking for. Beautiful photos of a sea view apartment to rent, or a vacation home by the water will be superb assets for seasonal rentals. As a result, you create a qualitative source of income in the long term.

Identify the ideal location according to the nature of the real estate project

Whether you are purchasing a property with a sea view to occupy it or to invest in rental property, buying a sea view house or an apartment for sale with a sea view is not done by chance. It is therefore strongly recommended to follow a few rules to carry out your real estate purchase project with peace of mind and to benefit from the advantages of such an investment. Two essential points must be taken into account: the city and the location of the sea-view property for sale.

Whether to make it your primary residence or a secondary residence, the ideal is to opt for a city and a neighborhood that have something to offer. This is all the more true for a rental investment. To rent your apartment or house both in summer and in winter, you must choose an attractive and dynamic geographical location throughout the year.

As a general rule, the more the seaside city and its surroundings offer a wide range of tourist activities, the greater the influx of tourists. Which is a real asset if you are planning to buy a sea-view apartment for a rental investment. Demand for sea view rentals will be very strong. The more ideally located your property is, the higher the profitability.

On the other hand, if you are looking for tranquility to spend a refreshing vacation at the beach, the arrival of masses of vacationers can represent a problem. In short, you must weigh the pros and cons to choose the perfect location for your sea-view property. However, it is still advisable to opt for a city that offers varied activities: beach and swimming, walking and hiking, cultural and architectural heritage, tourist circuits, shopping, etc.

Whether you are looking to buy an apartment facing the sea located in a lively area or a house located in a quiet location, discover all our ads for properties for sale with sea views in France to make your project a reality.

House by the sea or apartment with sea view?

A house or villa

A detached house or villa is essential if you need more space and freedom. This is particularly the case if you have children or pets who will need space. In a house, you have an exterior with a garden, and possibly a swimming pool, etc. This can be essential if you want to make this real estate purchase a family home with a sea view, where everyone can get together for the holidays. Be careful, however, because this independence has a cost. Budgets for houses with sea views can quickly add up.

A flat

If you are hesitating between buying a house with a sea view and buying an apartment with a sea view, know that an apartment is less restrictive in terms of maintenance and personal investment. As a result, this type of property is more suitable for mobile people who are often busy with their professional and personal activities. A sea view apartment may also be suitable for elderly people or those with reduced mobility who will be able to benefit from the building’s services and a panoramic view of the sea without having to travel if it is restrictive for them.

In return, you must compromise on space and the rules of life in the co-ownership. However, in both cases, you must pay attention to the general condition of your future acquisition, especially if it is an apartment to buy on the seafront. Renovation work can inflate the bill.

After having located the perfect city and neighborhood where to buy your sea-view house or where to find your sea-view apartment for sale, it is time to look at the right type of real estate. The choice will be dictated by different search criteria and your budget.

Find out about purchase prices and profitability, as well as local taxation


To make your plan to buy a sea-view house or buy a sea-view apartment a reality, you need money. It is essential to find out about the prices in force on the local real estate market. As a reminder, prices vary from region to region and from city to city. In other words, for the same budget, it is very likely, for example, that you will not be able to acquire the same sea view property in Nice and Marseille. The higher your budget, the more spacious and better quality real estate you can expect. Choosing the right property facing the ocean will therefore depend on your budget. Browse our pages and find the property with a sea view that suits your budget.


The profitability of your real estate project with a sea view is another important criterion if you have a rental investment project. Indeed, certain coastal towns have a lower property purchase price for the simple reason that tourist attractiveness is less strong or that properties with sea views are more numerous and/or less qualitative. In this case, you can obtain a property facing the beach, for example, of high quality, but the rental demand will be lower or the rent unattractive.

Dues and taxes

The last parameter not to be neglected concerns the taxes relating to your sea view property purchase. Before rushing into a house for sale on the Mediterranean Sea, it is best to always inform yourself about local taxation. Property tax and housing tax can be exorbitant and make you change your mind about an attractive property or location.

Choose a real estate professional thanks to Bien avec Vue

To carry out your real estate project of buying a sea view house or buying an apartment with a sea view, it is recommended to call on the expertise of a real estate professional. Depending on your preferences and your budget, he can advise you and direct you towards real estate that meets your selection criteria. He has a perfect grasp of real estate prices in the selected sector(s).

As a true specialist, a real estate professional is also capable of drawing up profiles of vacationers and tourists looking for accommodation to rent by the sea. As a result, you can identify needs and requests to refine your selection criteria. This is decisive if you intend to acquire the sea view property for rental. Concretely, you have the possibility of changing location, adjusting the surface area, determining the right number of rooms, etc. This remains valid even if you plan to buy a second home by the sea. By using the skills of a real estate professional, you also save yourself administrative formalities.

On our platform, we work in partnership with big names and great real estate professionals. With them, we select their most beautiful properties with views: sea, countryside, Eiffel Tower, golf, mountains, etc. Whether you are looking for a house, an apartment, or a villa, your search is made easy on our site and you will be put in contact free of charge with the real estate professional who can inform you about the property with a view that interests you, in France or the French Overseas Territories. So get inspired by our magnificent views and find the property of your dreams.

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